Sustainability Policy

Phoenix One – What we as a yacht and crew can do for sustainability

Phoenix One acknowledges that the superyacht industry isn’t the most environmentally friendly of industries.  By adopting a more sustainable approach in relation the operational aspects of Phoenix One, we as a Yacht and crew are looking to increase our environmental awareness.

The process for change is happening in many ways but one is down to the power of the individual crew member making changes to the daily operations of the yacht and taking responsibility for the yachts environmental footprint to provide long lasting benefits.

Phoenix One crew are encouraged to identify unsustainable practices onboard, promote environmentally sustainable practices and report any changes or suggestions to Master and Management.

Say bye to single use plastics

Crew have begun to identify all single use plastic being used onboard and seek out viable alternatives. Changes already made include:

  • Phoenix One will issue all crew and guests with reusable water bottles
  • Use of zip water filtration system.
  • From water to sundowners, crew will also run-down current stock of plastic straws and stirrers and replacing them with paper, bamboo or metal ones.
  • Another reduction onboard Phoenix One is the use of reusable shopping bags and biodegradable or material cloth produce bags when shopping.
  • Food preparation and storage, try to reduce the plastic, for example replacing plastic wrap with beeswax food wrap alternatives.
  • Phoenix One also uses refillable toiletries with phosphate-free, organic and bio degradable products.

Switch to green

Phoenix One acknowledges that superyachts require a whole different calibre of what ‘clean’ means, so it is important that crew are fully equipped with the proper products that are phosphate-free and biodegradable. Phoenix One does not use products that are toxic for marine environments.

  • phosphate-free, organic and bio degradable products are used for interior and exterior cleaning where possible. At present, ‘Dirt’ brand cleaning products, water and vinegar are used.
  • Toiletries are phosphate-free, organic and bio degradable. Products currently used are Mukti and Leif.
  • All linen is washed in phosphate-free, organic and bio degradable products. Products currently used are by Dirt and Earth Choice.

You are what you eat

Improving the superyacht industry’s environmental footprint encompasses all departments onboard, even the chefs. Phoenix One shops organically, sustainable, locally and seasonal for all menus. Sometimes, in certain locations and with specific guest demands this can prove challenging but it is something to work on by encouraging change in guests’ attitudes, this will be accrued out by the Chef and the Chief Stewardess. Where possible we offer guests local and seasonal menus onboard each charter.

Get rid of it properly

Phoenix One actively tries to reduce the amount of rubbish and waste we produce. Where possible, Phoenix One crew makes sure we re-use, repair or recycle onboard where possible.

Refer to the SMS Garbage Management Plan encompassing MARPOL convention.

Pay attention

Phoenix One crew take great pride in trying to reduce our footprint and actively engage in beach and marina clean-ups in the Great Barrier Reef and all marine environments we operate in. 

Phoenix One SMS Manual has procedures in place to ensure that adherence is carried out to any restrictions without damaging the seabed.

Phoenix One where possible operates on minimal lights and air conditioning. To ensure we leave as little environmental footprint as possible.